The World of Art Through the Eyes of Duane

An excerpt from Duane's poem, "A letter to the  Lord."

A poem for the Beloved ones

A praise for the mighty one

Oh Lord , forgive me , for I was born in fire, 

Rained in a lion's den, and

I grew up amongst the Wolves.

like a woman in a marriage to a man who doesn't need her.

I see your works in my life, 

But some how I feel so empty

full of sorrow full of yearing, for my heart to be comforted 

I know, 

I found myself swimming with sharks,

A man, 

How is it you kept my lungs  breathing

Praise  your name 

Oh Creator and protector of my body, spirit and Soul.

Am I to be just a man, with nothing to offer the world,

Could it be.  

Am I majestic, complex and yet humble?

Do I possess that which will change lives?

I seek the wisdom of  my ancestors, the courage of a king and the

innocents' of a child, learning to walk for the first time.

O Lord these are things only you can provide,

Until that day, i will stay still 

As I pray.......