Duane was a Artist.  He  was not only a painter, he  was a poet, a writer, and an Lyricists.  

We dedicate our love for Duane, we celebrate his life and dream of Changing the World through Art.  As you navigate and tour our site you will embark on Duane's journey of discovery. You will begin to know his life, and his dream, each piece telling a story and an interpretation through his eyes. 

We hope you will enjoy, and be inspired

Duane I. Todman Jr. was born in Harlem NY. November 5, 1992.  He was the firstborn son of Michelle Hightower and Duane Ivan Todman Sr.  Duane's first exposure to art was Street Art, Grafitti to be exact.  Tagging on the neighborhood buildings would be the beginning of Duane's passion for art.


He was wise beyond his years. At the age of eight, Duane began studying Grafitti techniques day and night.  He borrowed book after book from the library, reading anything and everything pertaining to art, by age 11,  Duane had taught himself to draw. Duane was a Senior in high school he was well on his way to being recognized as an Artist.


After graduating from High School, he went on to study Art at The New Hampshire Institute of Art, located in Manchester.  Duane did not earn his degree, due to his Mental Health issues.  His afflictions didn't deter him from his dream of being an artist.  Duane would study even harder, he attended art workshops and classes in New York City, whenever he could.  


In late 2019, Duane applied to the Academy of Realist Art in Boston, He was interviewed by the Director of the Institute, Julie Beck.  unbeknownst to Duane, he amazed Julie with his talent.  She would later offer him a full scholarship to the institute.  Duane would never get the opportunity to receive the news. 


On May 23,  2020, he was killed in Schenectady, NY after coming to the aid of a young woman being taunted by a guy she didn't know.  Todman was labeled a Shining Light, he touched the lives of many local artists and community members.  Duane, for many years, created images that explored themes of life, religion, Philosophy, love, and the coming of age.  Drawing inspiration from contemporary masters and the old masters he hoped to succeed in areas where others may fall short.  The religious themes of the Baroque period, the romanticism of the Bouguereau, and the D'Beaux-Arts school of Academicism were constant influences in the direction Todman sought to take his work.

Duane stated that every painting has the potential to tell many stories with only one frame.  Drawing from his own experiences, innermost desires, his memories of youth, hopes that spring forth from his imagination as well as emotions such as anger, friendship, aspiration, hope, despair, vision, belief, desire, and struggles of contemporary society.  He hoped that in addition to his voice he could speak to the world in such a way that shows that he cares.  He cared enough to toil with pencil, brush, paint, and pen on uniquely individual pieces of artwork that he will eventually part with Todman often said, "where the musician or the orator fails to deeply and accurately express a feeling with only voice and of music, an artist can score the game-winning touchdown or make the game-ending tackle."